Marasbe is a Finnish brand, and the core of its products is natural raspberry seed oil. 
The products do not contain any sulphates or parabens. 

Raspberry seed oil contains plenty of important fatty acids and vitamin A, C and E. Thanks to its antioxidant properties and natural UV protection, it is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry to treat various skin problems. Used on hair, raspberry seed oil heals, strengthens and moisturises the hair and scalp. It also reduces dandruff and split ends, making hair silky smooth, flexible and shiny. Raspberry seed oil is ideal for very dry and damaged hair. 

Marasbe’s shampoo and conditioner are a tribute to hair and raspberry seed oil. Thanks to their cleansing and conditioning properties, only a small amount of product is needed, and the hair does not need washing as frequently as before. This means that the 250 ml bottle can last up to a month. The long shelf life of raspberry seed oil guarantees that the products 
stay good for a long time.


Leave-in Conditionare

Looking for something for someone special? Leaving-in Conditionare is the perfect idea!